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Our Boston realtors are some of the best that you can work with in the area. Each of our Boston real estate agents cares about your needs, takes time to listen when you need advice, or just cares about how your day is going. We have meetings at least three times a month to help our Boston realty associates understand customers' needs and how to care for and help their customers.

Do you hold any certifications or special training?
We have some training on how to help our customers with choosing the right lenders that fit their needs.

Have you won any awards or special recognition?
I have received recognition on how well I treat my customers, how well I take their needs into consideration, and on how well I work as a team member.

What credentials do you have that make you a viable source in your particular industry? Office Work
I've helped clients when they've asked to see homes or apartments. I've listed their homes and helped find buyers for their homes.

We work for the Greater Boston Area.

How did you get into this business?

I always wanted to be a real estate agent. My aunt was a real estate agent and I was interested in how she helped people find or sell a home. I talked to her about what it was like to help people like that. Her response gave me such a rush that I had to follow my dream of being an agent. Now I have been working as a real estate agent for several years and I really enjoy it. I like helping people find their dream home or sell/rent their home. I enjoy making my customers happy. It lets me know that I did a good job which gives me a good feeling. I want to be someone that my clients or customers can depend on.
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